The Jellybean Tunes App Report 94: Tickety Toc, Axel's Chain Reaction and more!

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Enjoy a story together with "Axel's Chain Reaction" and "Tickety Toc Bubble Time." Create 3D models with "Bloxy Models Basic." Get serious about math with "Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages." Relax over some puzzles with "More Trucks and Things That Go" or "Halloween Kids Puzzles." Plus learn sight words, play with a digital felt board and learn why Nott won't sleep with apps from our family-friendly app network.

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Smart Apps for Kids Launches Two New Sites

If you are looking for apps for special needs, or apps built for Android, Smart Apps for Kids has asked me to announce that they've added two new sites to their family. Check out the links below.

Smart Apps for Special Needs

Smart Apps for Android

Apps for Little Ones

More Trucks and Things That Go

More Trucks and Things That Go

by Gil Weiss

More Trucks and Things That Go is an entertaining and educational talking shape puzzle for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Young children are fascinated by Things That Go and these colourful puzzles of the fastest, biggest and most amazing vehicles in the world will keep toddlers entertained for hours while learning all the names of the transportation elements such as wheeled excavator, combine harvester, ice cream truck, monster truck, glider, bicycle and much more.

iPhone and iPad: $1.99

Nott won't sleep

Nott Won't Sleep

by Developlay

Lovable Nott doesn't want to go to bed; there is so much more to explore! This interactive story starts when Nott is not in the least inclined to go to sleep and it ends when she is totally at peace to close her eyes. In Nott Won't Sleep, toddlers aged 2 to 4 help little Nott get ready for bed in three separate scenes, each relating to a different part of going to sleep. The game offers beautiful, calm graphics and animation, soothing music and thematic gameplay, all made with love. (Watch Video)

iPad: $2.99 (40% off)

Halloween Kids Puzzles: Pirate, Vampire and Mummy Games for Toddlers, Boys and Girls

Halloween Kids Puzzles: Pirate, Vampire and Mummy Games for Toddlers, Boys and Girls

by Scott Adelman

Are your kids excited for Halloween? Do they love pumpkins, black cats, candy and costumes? Then they will love Halloween Kids Puzzles, a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 6. Your kids can go trick-or-treating with a friendly Count Dracula, Frankenstein and his girlfriend, a Fairy Princess, a pirate and a werewolf! Spot carved pumpkins, black cats on fences and witches flying by the moon. (Watch Video)

Note: This app comes in two versions, both of which have the same content.

Free + In-App Purchases Edition

iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Google Play: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Amazon: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase

Paid Education Edition

iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Google Play: $1.99, Amazon: $1.99, Nook: $1.99


Axel's Chain Reaction

Axel's Chain Reaction

by Laura Allison Pomenta Badolato

A creative tinkerer, Axel Jansen struggles to connect with his classmates and get them to see past the fidgety, distracted, clumsy boy they think he is. Axel's own traits means he'll need a large dose of perseverance in order make a moving sculpture he's proud of: a swinging, vibrating, tinkling work of art. But his personal bully Daniel sets off a disastrous chain reaction that leaves everyone yelling at each other! Axel believes he can help by creating a beautiful sensory experience out of this mess - if they give him the chance... (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $2.99

Tickety Toc Bubble Time

Tickety Toc Bubble Time

by Cupcake Digital

In a very special shop, with a very special clock, twins Tommy and Tallulah have the very special job of making the clock chime... and when they are done, it's time for bubble fun! In this very first Tickety Toc storybook adventure app, follow Tommy and Tallulah as they discover a big pot of bubble mixture and blow a GIANT bubble that grows so large, it picks up their Tickety Town friends and even the twins, too! Can Hopparoo save the day before it's time to chime? (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $2.99, Google Play: $2.99, Amazon: $2.99, Nook: $2.99

Lemon Tree - Interactive Books For Children

Lemon Tree - Interactive books for children

by The Lemon Tree Book Company

Lemon Tree interactive books are 'personalised' books aimed at 3-7 year olds. The main character in each story is entered via a chalkboard when you first open the book. Kids just love being the main character in the story. Daring Dinosaurs is free with other books available in-app purchase. There is a 'fun fact' page within each book and colouring pages too. We also have some basic augmented reality too.

iPad: Free + In-App Purchases for $0.99 each

Creative Play

Bloxy Models Basic

Bloxy Models Basic

by Bloxy

"Bloxy Models Basic" encourages children to build amazing 3D models using colorful and interactive Bloxy bricks. Easy, step-by-step instructions teach children how to create: a plane, a helicopter, a tower, a pirate ship, a stable, a dino, a race car, a fire truck and many, many more! (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $0.99 (special launch price)

Felt Board

Felt Board

by Software Smoothie

Felt Board for iPad has been recently updated with many new features suggested by parents and teachers. Look for all new retina display images, new vehicles and props for community helpers, the ability to rotate items, improved user interface and a gallery to save and edit felt boards. Look for the update today!

iPad: $2.99


Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop HD

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop

by SoGaBee

Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop 2.4 is now available for download. This update features iOS 7 optimization and fix iOS 7 recording issue.

iPad: $2.99


Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages

Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages

by iDevBooks

This math app is about visually exploring how percentages and decimals are just special kinds of fractions with their own notation. There are no tasks to complete or problems to solve. The purpose is to build conceptual understanding. By painting different grids and circles with one or more colors students can see how their coloring changes the fraction, decimal, and percentage amounts of those colors. Grids and circles can be simple or very large with up to 10,000 squares or 360 sectors. (Watch Video)

iPad: $3.99

Math Mathews : Mental Math

Math Mathews : Mental Math

by Kiupe

Unlock the eight levels of play to help Captain Mathews and his crew get to the heart of the Temple of the Earth! Math Mathews : Mental Math enables children to practice arithmetic (addition and subtraction) in a fun way.

iPhone and iPad: $0.99, Google Play: $0.99

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