About the Jellybean Tunes App Report

What is the Jellybean Tunes App Report?

The Jellybean Tunes App Report (now the App Friday App Report) is a weekly newsletter that presents the latest news, apps and updates that get submitted to us each week.

Where can the report be found?

The App Report has merged with App Friday, and can be found at www.appfriday.com

What apps get included?

To be included in the App Friday App Report, apps should be:

  • Appropriate for a family audience.
  • Released or updated or received an award within the past four months
  • Updates should be significant enough to get our readers to take a second look at your app. No minor updates, please.

Where do I sign up?

We're happy to say that you can now sign up to have your apps included in the App Report through the App Friday developer portal.

You first have to register as a developer at developer.appfriday.com and then submit your app to the App Friday App Report through the dashboard. The information requested is for program purposes only, and not for third party use.

For more information about App Friday, go to www.appfriday.com