The Jellybean Tunes App Report 88: Monster Jam

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Rock and roll monsters headline this week's app report. When the lead singer loses her voice a few days before the big show, will they find a replacement in time? Find out (and have some musical fun) in "Monster Jam." Plus, enter to win an iPad Mini, grab some free Fraggle Rock themed activities, make a puzzle out of any picture, learn multiplication tables and explore the solar system all with great apps this week from our family-friendly app network.

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- Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Win an iPad Mini

The iMums, along with Bamba Kids are very pleased announce The iMums Go Mini 5 - their 5th iPad Mini giveaway of 2013. Win an iPad Mini 16GB + a case.

Enter at the iMums

Apps for Little Ones

Kids Puzzle Fun

Kids Puzzle Fun

by Pyjamas Apps

To celebrate our first five educational games on the app store, we have released Kids Puzzle Fun. It's a gift for all fans of Pyjamas Apps - let's celebrate together! Your beloved characters from Pyjamas Apps games return! Meet them all here, in Kids Puzzle Fun - all the vehicles from Kids Cars, the boy and girl from Kids Clothes & Seasons, the musical animals from Kids Sounds, the boat and the wild animals from Kids Boats, Ricky the Cat from Kids Garden Math and the citizens of our future game Recycle city.

iPhone and iPad: Free

Puzzle Maker for Kids: Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles from Pictures

Puzzle Maker for Kids: Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles from Pictures

by Scott Adelman

Your child can now easily make a puzzle out of anything they want! They simply tap a puzzle and take a picture. Anything that they love such as toys, cars, animals, trucks, bugs, dinosaurs, and even you can become a puzzle. The app allows for twenty different child and toddler friendly, jigsaw-style puzzles with options to change the number of pieces and remove other helpers. The puzzles start off easy to play and get more challenging as they change the settings- perfect for the little one in your life who loves puzzles!

iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Google Play: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Amazon: $1.99

Fraggle Friends Forever Puzzle & Play

Fraggle Friends Forever Puzzle & Play

by Cupcake Digital

Dance your cares away with the FREE Fraggle Friends Forever puzzle app! Solve four different Fraggle-themed jigsaw puzzles in easy, medium, or hard versions to reveal fun scenes from the enhanced storybook app and get creative with a fun coloring page featuring Boober.

iPhone and iPad: Free, Google Play: Free, Amazon: Free


Monster Jam

Monster Jam

by Blue Sandpiper Imprints

Children's interactive story app with a Rock & Roll theme. Features: Highlighted words, Narration, Original music, Games & play with the band activities. Summary: Axe and the Groundhogs have big dreams of being Mon-stars. They're on the fast track to success when the band is chosen to perform at the annual Monster Jam, but the lead singer loses her voice a few days before the show. The Ground Hogs need a replacement singer, fast. Let the auditions begin! (Watch Video)

iPad: $2.99, Google Play: $2.99


Freaky Flipsters

Freaky Flipsters

by Vapssky Technologies

Freaky Flipsters is a physics-based puzzle game for children. Players meet and collect a cast of colorful, two-sided characters and must rescue them from an evil invader. Kids will explore 24 colorful levels and will face a variety of obstacles including aim- and reflex-based physics puzzles, boss fights, and enemies that follow players' taps. The colorful, whimsical art of David Quentin Sheldon and the Flipsters, who appear happy on one side and sad when flipped, will delight players. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases from $1 to $5


Number Zoo: Kids Timestables

Number Zoo: Kids Timestables

by Apps For Mobiles Limited

Inspired by the best kids games and educational apps, Number Zoo: Kids Timestables is fun, exciting and challenging. A fantastic kids educational tool that improves their confidence and competence with numbers, but also a challenging game that improves their fine motor skills and quick thinking!

iPhone and iPad: $0.99


Interactive Minds: Solar System

Interactive Minds: Solar System

by Vosonos LLC

Version 2.0 available! This app is sure to captivate any child with its myriad of interesting facts, striking visuals, and engaging 3D simulations. Not only is the content fascinating to explore, it's educational too! This app was designed with grade school curriculum in mind and covers the major topics of the Solar System while explaining concepts in an easy to understand manner. (Watch Video)

iPad: $2.99


Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

by Top Storey Apps

Introducing Silent Light, a tool to maximise concentration and focus in your classroom. A silent ally in effective classroom management, Silent Light can create calm and clarity in your learning environment. An exciting addition to your teacher toolkit, Silent Light gives instantly accessible feedback on the noise level in your class with beautiful, clear artwork and subtle audio cues. Set optimum sound level goals together and help your students manage their own learning. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $3.99

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