The Jellybean Tunes App Report 84: Once More to Mystery Math Town

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Experience a new Little Critter release from Oceanhouse Media just in time for Father's Day (and only $0.99!). Put in the last piece of the puzzle with both Ballerina Fairy Puzzles and Monster Games for Kids. Go back to Mystery Math Town one more time, now available for the iPhone. Plus, learn music, doodle, watch Gombby and more this week with apps from our family-friendly app network.

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- Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes

Apps for Little Ones

Plume's school - Colors And Shapes

Plume's school - Colors and Shapes

by Mathilde Lemee

Come and discover Plume's world! Join Plume and her two friends as they explore colors, shapes and letters. This app leads your child through learning basic vocabulary, following simple commands, practicing the alphabet and reinforcing memory skills and recall speed. Designed for children ages 2 through 7, Plume's World allows kids to choose from among 23 different educational activities. Activities are based on Montessori methods. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Google Play: $1.79, Amazon: $1.79

Ballerina Fairy Puzzle - Free Animated Puzzles for Kids with Ballerinas and Fairies!

Ballerina Fairy Puzzles

by Apps Kids Love - LLC

These puzzles dance! Fun puzzles featuring ballerinas, fairies, princesses and ponies having fun! Ballerina Fairy Puzzles keeps little ones entertained while sharpening their minds and developing coordination. Includes beautiful animated artwork from the fairytale kingdom, three difficulty levels, a picture guide to help younger kids, and 4 free jigsaw puzzles (12 total with purchase).

iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase

Gombby Channel

Gombby Channel

by Magnistage

Gombby Channel gives you access to a selection of the best episodes from Gombby's Green Island, the family friendly educational and entertaining TV Show. Green Island is home to Gombby, Strawy, Celeste and all their friends! Wheat fields, woods and wonderful caves to explore are the backdrop to their adventures and discoveries all over the island. Gombby, the little baker boy, loves to take the lead in those adventures! The answers to life's big questions, the mysterious Bugaboo or the Green Island funfair - are just some of the stories that Gombby and his friends live through as they learn about the world around them. Gombby Channel offers three full episodes that you can download to watch anytime, anywhere, even when no connectivity is available. Additional Gombby's Green Island episodes are available for a charge. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases from $1.99 to $2.99

Memory game with Niki and Jazmin

Memory game with Niki and Jazmin

by Erik Simko

Train your brain with Niki and Jazmin's memory game! Includes 9 gorgeous scenes from the stories of Niki and Jazmin and 4 difficulty levels. Are you able to match all cards? If you succeed you can bring the background screen to life with lovely animations! (Watch Video)

iPad: $1.99

100 words for Babies & Toddlers

100 Words for Babies & Toddlers

by Codegent

100 words for Babies & Toddlers is a speech and vocabulary learning game for preschool children aged between 6 months and 4 years old. It's a really easy way to introduce your kid to new words. We have used colourful graphics, energetic sound and cute animations to help develop your children's vocabulary skills. We are sure your little one will be entertained whilst they learn! (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Google Play: Free Lite Version, Amazon: Free Lite Version, Nook: $1.99, Windows Phone 8: Free

Monster Games for Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles HD

Monster Games for Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles

by Scott Adelman

Do your kids love cute monsters? Do they love puzzles too? Look no further. Monster Games for Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles is a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 6. The app includes twelve different child and toddler friendly, jigsaw-style puzzles with options to change the number of pieces and remove other helpers. The puzzles start off easy to play and get more challenging- perfect for the little one in your life who loves monsters and puzzles!

iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Google Play: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase, Nook: $1.99, Amazon: $1.99


Just Helping My Dad - Little Critter

Just Helping My Dad - Little Critter

by Oceanhouse Media

Little Critter is having a great day helping his dad. Whether he's making breakfast, cutting the grass or washing the car, Little Critter is filled with enthusiasm. Things may not always go as planned, but that doesn't stop Little Critter from trying his hardest!

iPhone and iPad: $0.99

Just My Friend and Me - Little Critter

Just My Friend and Me - Little Critter

by Oceanhouse Media

An afternoon playdate finds Little Critter climbing trees, racing cars, playing basketball, riding bikes and more with his friend. Along the way, his good nature and humor come in handy as he handles the ups and downs of friendship. Mercer Mayer's Little Critter stories, which address all the major issues of growing up, are perennial favorites of parents and children.

iPhone and iPad: $0.99

Creative Play

D is for Doodle

D is for Doodle

by CJ Educations

D is for Doodle is an alphabet activity app, based on the step-by-step drawing book by Deborah Zemke Children. Use each letter of the alphabet as well as a variety of letters and lines to create pictures they never imagined they could draw - from an alligator to a quetzal and even Zeus! Each step of the doodle is clearly illustrated so that every child, regardless of artistic ability, will build confidence in their drawing skills.

iPad: $2.99


Mystery Math Town for iPhone

Mystery Math Town for iPhone

by Artgig Studio

Your mission: Help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town. Players use math skills to unlock rooms and passages on their enchanting journey. Now available for iPhone. (Watch Video)

iPhone: $1.99, iPad Version: $2.99


Music Learning Lab

Music Learning Lab

by Generategy LLC

Learn fundamental principles of music through lessons, games, and a creative composer environment where learners can create songs all on their own - and see them performed by their Music Learning Lab friends! We identified key skills that serve as a foundation for music learning, and designed the lessons in Music Learning Lab using methods that combine our love and knowledge of music with principles derived from basic learning sciences research. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases from $0.99 to $6.99

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