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Tell a story, make a craft, speak spanish and learn to take turns with new apps from our family-friendly app network. Plus, don't forget to enter the latest contests. When you've found an app you like, please write a review.

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The iMums Go Mini! Win an iPad Mini + Extras ($400+ Value!)

The iMums had such a great time doing #minimadness with all of you that they decided they wanted to "Go Mini" this month once more. Win an iPad Mini, case and iTunes gift card.

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Nominate Your Favorite App and Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card

Help AppsforHomeschooling choose their 10 Reader's Choice 2012 apps by nominating or voting for your favorite educational app of 2012. Simply leave a comment with your favorite app and you'll be entered to win a $25 iTunes GC (US only), giveaway ends February 11th, 2013.

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Ellie's Games Offers Free Apps

Each Friday through March 8, 2013 Ellie's Games will set one of their apps FREE! Dot Collector will be free on Friday, February 8, 2013.

See what Ellie's Games has to offer.

Apps for Little Ones

Cutie Mini Monsters

Cutie Mini Monsters

by Little Phoenix Interactive

Cutie Mini Monsters introduces children to number recognition and counting, Join Blushy, Toothy, Golly, Taily, Blobby, Growly and Snouty on a fun introduction to the numbers 1 though to 10. (Watch Video)

iPhone: $0.99, Google Play: $1.99, Amazon: $1.99

SoundMatch by EdNinja

Soundmatch by EdNinja

by EdNinja

A fun audio-memory game to help children learn and distinguish sounds. We believe that apps are the perfect tool to help ALL children develop their learning abilities, and at the same time they provide a positive impact on the child's academic and social skills. Soundmatch was created with that concept in mind, to deliver the very best educational app that will benefit ALL children. The objective of the game is for the child to learn and distinguish sounds from the world around them.

iPad: $1.99

PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) – Animated Kid’s Puzzles

PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) - Animated Kid's Puzzles

by 77SPARX Studio

We are excited to announce the release of Puzzingo Puzzles - Pro Edition. Puzzingo Pro is the educator's version of the popular Puzzingo Puzzles game. Do your kids like educational puzzle game that is fun, vocal, and packed with animations? Puzzingo provides endless learning and engagement to your kids! It is not only suited for young kids, but autistic, low functioning, and special needs kids as well. It can be used as either a learning tool or a reward.

iPhone and iPad: $14.99

Baby Rocky Learns Body Parts

Baby Rocky Learns Body Parts

by Orbaby

The 3D animation image, The Magic Girl Rocky, is making her debut on Orbaby's paradise. She could send you flower and treat you to a cake, and best of all, she could teach baby the name of each body part in English and Chinese! Would you say hi to Rocky? OK, let me tell you a secret: Rocky is ticklish. Please not touch her belly!

iPhone and iPad: $1.99

Simply Missy

Simply Missy

by Clarine Landes

"Hi! My name is Missy. I live in a magic box. Sometimes its filled with stories, sometimes games. It looks small but so am I and its not an ordinary's magical!..but needs your touch to come alive." An interactive game-book with Simply Missy. Not only will your child learn about letters, words, shapes and colors, they will also learn about themselves. (Watch Video)

iPhone: $0.99, iPad: $0.99

I learn with Plume - Animals

I learn with Plume - Animals

by Aetys

Learn 40 wonderful animals with Plume. Based on a proven method, the child will learn the name, the pronunciation, the word and the sound of various animals from different place : home, farm, etc. At each level, rewards can keep intact the interest of the child. A sticker game is also included - kids can move, pinch in and pinch out the animals, play with their sounds. Available in English, French and Korean. (Watch Video)

iPhone and iPad: Free, Google Play: Free


All Fixed Up

All Fixed Up: Interactive Book App

by Red Piggy Press

Moms and dads are sometimes away from home, and although the waiting can seem like forever to a kid, a little exploration and imagination can help. Designed to be your story too, customize All Fixed Up for iPad with your own voice (or your child's), your name, gender, and interests, draw your own story, then share with a loved one who's far away -- as many times as you want -- for free. In Spanish too! (Watch Video)

iPad: $3.99

Creative Play

Toonia Storymaker - Create, Read, Share Illustrated Stories - Educational Toy for Kids

Toonia Storymaker

by 3fs

Toonia Storymaker is a fun educational toy that allows kids to create their own illustrated stories in a simple drag and drop interface. Choose your world and your characters, move them around, change their color, size, posture or emotion and write what they are saying. It's like lego bricks for illustrated stories. From fairy tales to adventures in space, Toonia Storymaker allows for endless possibilities and hours of fun for both kids and parents. (Watch Video)

iPad: $5.99



by Afisha Media LLC

KidsCraft is a marvelous app with lots of delightfully bright, exciting and inspiring tutorials on making creative toys and unique craftworks for children. All tutorials are accompanied with descriptive instructions, juicy photos and illustrations, funny animations and much more. A great way of spending time with kids! No analogues in the App Store! The author of the app, Tatyana Makurova, is a famous toy designer from Russia and an author of several books for parents and children. (Watch Video)

iPad: $1.99


Learn Spanish - MindSnacks

Learn Spanish - MindSnacks

by MindSnacks

MindSnacks Spanish features nine exciting games designed to build essential Spanish vocabulary and conversation skills. Bursting with content, MindSnacks provides hours of addictive gameplay. Every lesson features up to 25 Spanish words and phrases along with matching audio clips from a native speaker. Great for people just starting out with Spanish as well as beginner and intermediate learners!

iPhone and iPad: Free + $4.99 In-App Purchase


Smart4Kids English

smart4kids in english

by Smart4Kids LLC

Smart4Kids in English is an interactive learn-to-read educational game, based on a 36 steps curriculum. It provides a structured and engaging learning experience for children ready to learn how to read. Children are challenged to learn sounds and recognize new words as they play interactive games. The games include activities such as word completion, word sorting, word matching, sound matching, memory tests and more. (Watch Video)

iPhone: Free + In-App Purchases

Spell Better

Spell Better

by Navanit Arakeri

Spell Better offers word prediction, advanced spell correction, optimized fonts, and text-to-speech, to help improve writing. It also includes several features to help children with dyslexia and dysgraphia. (Watch Video)

iPad: Free + $0.99 In-App Purchase




by iHomeEducator, Inc.

iLiveMath1 for first grade is based upon the original award-winning iLiveMath series. The new design focuses on each operations type so student and teacher can systematically work through each variation. Random modes then review what was learned.

iPhone and iPad: $4.99, Google Play: $4.95, Amazon: $0.99



by iHomeEducator, Inc.

iLiveMath2 for 2nd grade is based upon the original award-winning iLiveMath series. iLiveMath 2 follows iLiveMath1 which is for 1st grade. Additional grades will follow or if you have an iOS device see our original iLiveMath theme based apps. The new design focuses on each operations type so student and teacher can systematically work through each variation. Random modes then review what was learned.

iPhone and iPad: $4.99, Google Play: $5.03, Amazon: $2.99


Lullaby Piano Book

Lullaby Piano Book

by BelugaBloo

Lullaby piano offers great entertainment for your children while learning to enjoy and explore music. Your children can sign along with the piano playing their favorite baby songs. Cute animated characters and high quality sounds stimulate children's musical development and help them enjoy the songs and notes in a quick and easy fashion way.

iPhone and iPad: $1.99

Taking Turns

Tempo Tim

Taking Turns with Tempo Tim

by BoaNeo AB

Taking Turns with Tempo Tim is a tool to help kids share an iPad. At specified intervals, Tim will interrupt whatever App is running on the iPad or iPhone and tell the user that it is time to switch. With Tim, there is no more arguing over whos turn it is, or who has been using the iPad or iPhone more. Tim will start timing as soon as you leave the app, and continue for the set duration.

iPhone and iPad: $0.99

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