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Start a fairy fashion show, build a rocket, and take a US road trip. The 60th app report brings you the latest news and product announcements from our network of family-friendly app developers.

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Two New iPad Mini Giveaways!

Melissa Northway and Dandelion Moms have brought together developers to sponsor two new iPad Mini giveaways.

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Make a Scene: Christmas completely FREE on iPhone!

Introducing Make a Scene, the creative, educational sticker app series for children. Make a Scene engages children's natural sense of creativity. It is aimed primarily at young children, but will provide hours of entertainment for children (and adults!) of all ages. Helping to develop vocabulary, fine motor skills, co-ordination and creative thinking, Make a Scene offers a great way for children to play and learn at the same time.

iPhone: Free

Apps for Little Ones

You & Me: We're Opposites

Me & You: We're Opposites

by CJ Educations

The new app for preschoolers has interactive reading modes, songs and activities, all focused on learning opposite words. It is a unique recreation of the original book from the bestselling You & Me: We're Opposites, illustrated by Ethan Long, award-winning children's illustrator, and written by Harriet Ziefert, acclaimed children's author of 200 books.

iPad: $3.99

iSmarty PRO


by BitMobile

Developed for the children aged from 1.5 to 3 years, the game features 20 friendly, well-animated and professionally voiced animals that help the kids better explore the world around them. Watch Video

iPhone and iPad: $0.99

Fido's Magic Soundbox

Fido's Magic Soundbox

by Pixel Interactive

Babies and toddlers love sound! Engage their senses early with Fido's Magic Soundbox! Includes 65+ items and their sounds from the kitchen, bedroom, outdoor, sports, transports and animals, plus quizes and jigsaw puzzles. Perfect for your curious babies and toddlers! Watch Video

iPhone and iPad: $0.99

Animals Babies and Homes

Animals Babies and Homes

by Gil Weiss

Children delight in spotting familiar animal friends and learning about their different homes; a doghouse, a birdhouse, a mouse hole or a goldfish bowl and babies; bird chicks, cow calf's, owlet, baby giraffe. These colorful puzzles of Animals Babies and Homes is a challenging and enjoyable game that will develop your child's ability to recall and build up his/ her English and Hebrew vocabulary.

iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Wince - Don't Feed The WorryBug (Full Version)

Wince - Don't Feed The WorryBug

by iMagine Machine

From the award-winning storybook by author, Andi Green, comes Wince-Don't Feed the WorryBug. Wince has a problem... he worries too much and when he worries his nemesis The WorryBug appears! If you have ever worried about anything, then maybe you can help. Using dedicated interactivity, a rhyming story and stunning animation and artwork, join Wince as he discovers the secret to keeping his worries from getting monstrous. Watch Video

iPhone and iPad: $2.99

The Story of The Drip Drops

The Story of the Drip Drops

by Beluga Limited

When the very first rainbow shines over the land of Tint Town, the Drip Drops are born - six colorful raindrops with six colorful personalities. Their mission is to color in their world, and learn about colors, creativity and life along the way. This app beautifully tells this story as the user helps the Drip Drops "Color the World"!

iPhone and iPad: Free

What is That?

What is That?

by Natalia Kucirkova

Experience a truly unique story of Jamie, his doggie and iPad! Read the story to your children as it unfolds or allow the book to read the story to them. This electronic book is for toddlers and beyond and was developed by researchers and experts in early childhood literacy, see more at our accompanying website, accessible from within the app.

iBooks for iPad: Free

Creative Play

Kids Clothes & Seasons: Learn to dress up

Kids Clothes & Seasons

by Pyjamas Apps

Kids Clothes & Seasons encourages kids to dress up clothes depending on weather conditions seen through the window. The aim is to feel comfortable outside - don't overheat; don't get cold; don't get wet etc. Game helps to develop kids' skills to dress up on his own, which is very important at 3-5 years of age. Also, it strengthens self-sufficiency, concentration on task, attention - skills useful in real life. Watch Video

iPad: $1.99

Fairy Fashion Show

Fairy Fashion Show

by Laura Tallardy

Create your own fairy princess with Fairy Fashion Show- a fun paper doll app that lets you dress up a fairy! Select her skin color, eye color and hairstyle to make her look just like you!

iPad: $0.99, Amazon: $0.99, Google Play: $0.99




The Kidomatic Friendly Camera features a playful and easy-to-use interface made for kids and teens who want to have fun with their photos. Once used to the Kidomatic Friendly Camera, go ahead and explore the Kidomatic Monster, Police or Princess camera. There are 120+ icons, fun frames, pencils, brushes and spraycans to enjoy. And of course you can export and share your pictures with your friends and family!

iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases


State Bingo and Road Trip US

State Bingo and Road Trip US

by Niyaa LLC

Learn the states, take a road trip or play a round of state bingo. Look for clues on a beautifully illustrated US map. Reach the destination before you get a flat tire. Win to send states to statehood. Meet Pep the car and enjoy fun animations. "This is the most requested app in the classroom" says TeachersWithApps. Watch Video

iPad: Sale Price $1.99


Rocket Speller PLUS

Rocket Speller PLUS

by Little Big Thinkers

Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a fancy new rocket. With 5 levels of difficulty, kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket pieces he needs. Once they have built their custom rocket ship, kids steer it through space to collect stars in an entertaining mini-game.

iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Splash Money: Counting Coins and Bills

Splash Money

by Studypad

StudyPad is moving a step further towards replacing traditional books with interactive learning and practice solutions for tablets. Splash Math series has been strong on providing comprehensive math practice solutions. The new Splash Money app includes interactive and fun lessons as well to help kids learn money. All in all this app will help your kid grow in confidence and quickly learn all about money. Watch Video

iPad: $0.99 (reg $4.99)

Math Filler

Math Filler

by Minh Do

Help 1-4 graders in elementary school learn math by solving engaging puzzles at different challenging levels. HOW? A math equation (e.g., 8 + 4 = 12) is turned into a puzzle (e.g., 8 + [4] = 1 [2]) by hiding selected numbers (e.g., [4] and [2]). Kids need to drag-and-drop digits into the correct locations until the set of formulas is mathematically correct.

iPad: Free + In-App Purchases

Fun Sums HD

Fun Sums

by The Pre School Apps Academy

Early years mental math game aimed at 5-8 year olds (key stage 1 and 2). Simple puzzle board game where the child answers the mental math questions to gain points and unlock elements of the underlying picture.

iPhone: $1.99, iPad: $1.99


Monkey Puzzle - Animals

Monkey Puzzle - Animals

by Bongly

Unlimited jigsaw puzzles for your iPad or iPhone! Fun for all ages! You can enjoy high quality images that, for sure, will provide you many hours of entertainment. You can also take pictures from your iOS photo library, from your camera and from your Facebook albums so you can play jigsaw puzzles with images of family and friends.

iPhone and iPad: Free + $2.99 In-App Purchase

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