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Invent with Pettson, shop with Lingo, play a matching game with Bo and spend the night before Christmas with Wubbzy. The 57th app report brings you the latest news and product announcements from our network of family-friendly app developers.

Please take a moment to read the full app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, in order to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

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In the Spotlight: Melissa Northway interviews Carolina Nugent of Kindertown.

Apps for Little Ones

Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas by Cupcake Digital: Wubbzy's The Night Before Christmas is a festive deluxe story experience based on the classic The Night Before Christmas holiday poem. The story takes place on a very special Christmas Eve, when Wubbzy and his friends are snuggly-snug in their beds until they are awakened by the pitter-patter, jingle-jangle and merry sounds of Santa Claus and his reindeer. Kids will love this new take on a holiday tradition from the magical world of Wuzzleburg! iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Google Play: $1.98, Nook: $1.99
Bo's Matching Game Bo's Matching Game by Heppi: The 4th Bo the Giraffe App offers toddlers and preschoolers more than just a standard Memory game by adding also several innovative play and educational functionalities! (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Google Play: $1.99
When I Grow Up... When I Grow Up... by Sanoen: Discover a fun way to help children begin to read and write, learn vocabulary in 6 languages, and feel at home with different writing: upper case, lower case, and cursive. iPhone and iPad: $1.99
Lingo's Market Lingo's Market by The Language Playground: Bring this app with you shopping and turn your visit to the grocery store into a multi-lingual learning experience! Come shop in a grocery store with Lingo the Dragon and hear your child laugh while learning how to spell and recognize over 100 food items in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin! (Watch Video) iPhone: $1.99
101 Kids Puzzles 101 Kids Puzzles by Kevin Bradford: 101 original and beautiful puzzles for kids! If your child loves puzzles then this is the game for them. Puzzles range from 6 to 8 pieces, and you can even change the difficulty. This free download gives your kids 10 puzzles to try for free. A simple in-app purchase unlocks all 101 puzzles! iPhone and iPad: Free + $0.99 In-App Purchase, Google Play: Free + In-App Purchase, Amazon: $0.99, Nook: $0.99
Build and Play - Construction Play Scene Updated Build and Play - Construction Play Scene by We Are Faces: A new updated version has finally been released! We've improved user controls on the Stickers screen: now you just tap a sticker and drag it to the play scene. Don't forget to try out the memory game too! iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? - Dr. Seuss Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media: Dr. Seuss reminds children that no matter what their struggles may be, they should always be thankful. This wildly imaginative collection of rhymes and illustrations will bring laughter and gratitude to the whole family. iPhone and iPad: $3.99 (introductory price), Google Play: $4.00
Santa and the Christmas List Muddle Santa and the Christmas List Muddle by Hamson Design Group Pty Ltd: On the night before Christmas, Santa's head elf Simon makes a startling discovery - the pages of Santa's christmas list have all been muddled up! Join Simon, Santa and all the elves as they fly around the world to ensure everyone gets the right presents on Christmas morning. iPhone and iPad: $2.99
Henry Motlies' Christmas Adventures Updated Henry Motlies' Christmas adventures by JustKidsApps: Henry Motlies, the quirky reindeer, is back in the app store with his Christmas adventures! In the updated version, the story has been complemented with a second adventure, text highlighting, and a new bits and bobs section with quiz, spot the difference and fun facts about reindeer, Christmas and ice and snow. iPad: Free
Lost Larry interactive story book - Wasabi Productions Updated Lost Larry by Wasabi Productions: Larry Lizard is lost and needs you to help him find his way home. There's rich interaction on every page as the reader needs to help Larry through mazes, across rivers, over canyons, stepping stones and rickety old bridges. Keep an eye out for the special extra surprise animations on every page too! A good lesson in not wandering too far from home makes this book an entertaining and meaningful family read. Recently updated to be even more educational & family-friendly! iPad: $0.99

Creative Play

Pettson's Inventions 2 Pettsons's Inventions 2 by Filimundus: Help old man Pettson and his cat Findus build their amazing inventions! Which of the objects should be included and where do they fit in the machinery? Drag and drop the parts to their right spot and watch the invention go! A secret waits to be unlocked for those who manages to complete everything. This is a fun and pedagogic app that teaches logic and stimulates creativity for children of all ages. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $1.99
Xmas draw & send Xmas draw & send by Touchoo: Christmas cards were never this fun, nor this Free!!! Ho ho ho indeed! Your child can now send artistic, different and fun Christmas greeting cards that they've made themselves using your tablet or smartphone! iPhone and iPad: Free, Google Play: Free


Sight Words Hangman Sight Words Hangman by SoGaBee: Sight Words Hangman 2.2 is now available. This update adds 50 more new words, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5th support and some optimization. iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Montessori Division Board Montessori Division Board by MontessoriTech: Learn division by distributing objects (virtual beads) and develop a visual and kinesthetic understanding of division. Division Board app is a virtual rendition of the Montessori Division Board that demonstrates sharing of the dividend beads, across the divisor skittles to discover the quotient - the "share of one". iPad: $2.99
Multiplication & Times Tables : Invasion of the Moon Monkeys Updated Multiplication & Times Tables: Invasion Of the Moon Monkeys by eduGAME: Test your multiplication and times tables skills to the limit as you battle to save the world in a thrilling arcade style invasion adventure you just won't want to stop playing! As featured by Apple as an 'Editors Choice: All time Favourite' and an Apple Staff Favourite in the US, UK and Canada! Now updated to support the iPhone 5's enhanced screen! (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $1.99


tweekaboo Tweekaboo by Tweekaboo: Tweekaboo is a beautiful new App that makes it easy for time-poor parents to record and share family moments - privately. Simply choose a photo or video from your camera roll, add a caption, write a note, add some tags and Tweekaboo will organize your moments in a private journal in the cloud. Tweekaboo is a private place to share moments with your partner, your family and your close friends. Comments from relatives and friends get added to your moments so you'll never forget a moment again. iPhone and iPad: Free

Visual Perception Learning

iSpotPro TE Updated iSpotPro Themed Edition by Mayuir Sidhpara: iSpotPro TE is a spot the difference app, and is used to increase your visual perception. It contains 6 packs, and 90 levels, and is used by SLP's, educational organisations and parents. Updated with a Christmas theme pack. iPad: $2.99, iPhone: $0.99

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