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Take a train adventure, search for the seven cities of gold, or nurture a gnome. The 57th app report brings you the latest news and product announcements from our network of family-friendly app developers.

Please take a moment to read the full app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, in order to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

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Apps for Little Ones

Button Board (Kindle Tablet Edition) Now available on Amazon Button Board (Kindle Tablet Edition) by Mediakitchen Limited: The game features a selection of incomplete pictures and a tray of colourful buttons. Complete a picture by dragging the coloured buttons into the holes on the picture. The game also features a Free-play mode allowing the child to explore their imagination and come up with their own designs. Amazon: Free + In-App Purchase
Talking Motors Wheel Talking Motors Wheel by Bongly: Spin the wheel to see and listen to the rumble of the motors. Street, air and water themes. Over 24 vehicles. Designed for toddlers. iPhone and iPad: Free + $1.99 In-App Purchase
Kids Memory and Math Trainer Lite Kids Memory and Math Trainer Lite by Lemberg Solutions Limited: Choose the right picture, odd one out, find the match, learn the preschool math, - and all this in one game. Designed with a wonderful graphics - especially for the kids! Please note: this is a lite version of the game: with four levels opened to try them out before buying the full version through in-app purchase. iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchase


Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold for iPhone Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold for iPhone by Treasure Bound Books: Now Available for iPhone! When Treasure Kai awakes from his treasure-hunting dream to find a real treasure map and clue in his pocket, it's the start of a whirlwind adventure sending him back in time to race Francisco Coronado for the Seven Lost Cities of Gold. Can Treasure Kai trust the clues, conquer obstacles and beat the conquistadors to save the Seven Cities of Gold? With his best friend Kate and you, he just might do it. But only if your memory can help him get home! (Watch Video) iPhone: $4.99
Wubbzy's Train Adventure Wubbzy's Train Adventure by Cupcake Digital: In the new storybook app, Wubbzy's Train Adventure, Wubbzy and his friends take a ride on the Wuzzleburg Express. Destined for their favorite Kooky Karnival, the characters must overcome fun, silly and unexpected obstacles when the train breaks down. Can the Wuzzle-friends get the train back on track before the fair is over? Inspired by Nick Jr.'s Emmy award-winning television series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, this app encourages kids to read and gain comprehension skills. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Google Play: $1.99, Amazon: $1.99
Funny Kids Poems - YogiPlay Funny Kids Poems - YogiPlay by We Are Faces: Funny Kids Poems in partnership with YogiPlay! Funny Kids Poems is an interactive book for children up to 6 years old. There are twelve illustrated and animated pages with short rhymes by Marina Lindholm. The app is boosted by YogiPlay, which means that you can follow your child's progress and get recommendations for fun learning apps from YogiPlay's educational experts based on your child's preferences. iPhone and iPad: $1.99
The Nutons' Kitchen or How to Nurture a Gnome The Nutons' Kitchen or How to Nurture a Gnome by Des Carabistouilles SPRL-BVBA: Discover the story of the nutons, Belgium's mischevious little gnomes! Young readers will enjoy this timeless legend and get involved in healing a nuton who has fallen ill. Adapted from legend by Jean-Luc Duvivier de Fortemps, this tale is illustrated by Ewa O'Neil using vibrant colors that appeal to kids of all ages. iPhone and iPad: $2.99


RoJo WORD RoJo WORD by ZiggityZoom: RoJo WORD is a fun family, anagram-style, word game that is easy to play for anyone who can spell, featuring some fun and unique elements not included in other Word games. Both seasoned word game players and even non-game players will enjoy RoJo. Choose Solo Play or Group Play to play with Friends. You can play with up to 4 friends at a time. Great as a family game for kids, parents & grandparents. iPhone and iPad: $0.99
To Bee or not to Bear? To Bee or not to Bear? by Anton Roshchine: In one place far far away, called Hiveland, live the Bees and the Bears. The only things they enjoy are bunjee-jumping on fire-hoses, mad laughing, doing some kind of crazy stuff, and honey. The bees harvest the honey and the bears steal it. Cut the hoses to prevent the bears from getting the honey. iPhone: $0.99


3rd Grade Social Studies Reading Comprehension 3rd Grade Social Studies Reading Comprehension by Abitalk Incorporated: This reading comprehension app has twenty stories about social studies. You can also create and add your own stories to the app. Each story has about 500-800 words. Each story introduces new vocabulary and concepts, and is followed by a set of exercises that measure the student's comprehension. The exercises include multiple choice questions, true/false questions and matching exercises that ask the student to match words or concepts with their definition. iPad: $2.99

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