Jellybean Jigsaws A to Z

Fun, colorful puzzles engage and delight young children while reinforcing the alphabet with spoken words and letter sounds. Made by the parents of a preschooler who loves both puzzles and letters, Jellybean Jigsaws combines the sounds of the alphabet with attractive images.


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  • Jellybean Jigsaws A to Z is a simple program to keep your kiddo busy while helping her learn the alphabet and potentially assist with the development of other skills such as problem solving. It features more than 70 image puzzles. You can adjust the difficulty down to as low as 1 missing piece to as high as 16 pieces. After a puzzle is completed, the app names the object in the image as well as the starting letter. Recommended for ages 3 to 6, though my 2½ -year-old loves it. — Andy Vuong, The Denver Post