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Explore, play, create and learn with a wonderfully diverse set of apps this week in the 59th app report.

Please take a moment to read the full app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, in order to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

If you are a developer with news or an app to announce, visit the information page.

- Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes

New from Jellybean Tunes

Christmas ABC Puzzles Christmas ABC Puzzles by Garry Froehlich: Learn letters and words with our new Christmas themed jigsaw puzzles. With 5 difficulty levels, kids will always have the satisfaction of putting in that last piece of the puzzle. iPad: $0.99


Facebook Party at Learning Touch Learning Touch is celebrating a big milestone by giving away apps from many family-friendly app developers. Head to their page at 11am Pacific Time this Friday (Dec 14) for a chance to win free apps (
Gift Ideas for your Teachers/Therapists/Educators Technology in Education asked Teachers/SLPs/OTs and other educators what they like for Christmas. Find out what they said.
iPad Mini Giveaway Didn't win an iPad Mini yet? AppyMall in conjunction with Abitalk, Bebebe Co., i Get It!, and Sogabee are sponsoring a giveaway.
PigMints (App) Free for the Week Direct the mints and give these porkers what they want. Careful though, some of them have grown accustomed to their favorite flavors and if they get sick your day at the farm is over! iPhone: Free

Apps for Little Ones

My Beastly ABCs My Beastly ABCs by Duncan Studio: Created by renowned artists and animators and featuring narration by actor, Jim Dale, of Harry Potter audio book fame, this delightful interactive adventure tells of a timid boy who experiences a magical day filled with friendly monsters from around the world. This brilliant original story comes to life in an educational, fun experience sure to enchant adults and kids alike. The experience includes entertaining games and fun interactive activities with the highest quality artwork and sound. (Watch Video) iPad: $3.99
Matching Puzzle Cards: Colors Matching Puzzle Cards Colors by CJ Educations: Meet this delightful puzzle app for preschooler to learning colors and basic words. Brightly colored animations and cheerful sound effects keep inquisitive little minds interested for hours! Color words are reinforced through verbal cues and highlighted words. Learning is further enhanced with a catchy little song and game. Developed By CJ Educations in partnership with Blue Apple Books, illustrated by Luana Rinaldo, who illustrated more than 50 children's books. iPad: $2.99
Animal Alphabet By LQP Animal Alphabet by LQP by Learning Quest Productions LLC: One of the first steps in becoming a successful reader is to recognize and learn the letters of the alphabet. Attaching sounds to these letters and learning to write them paves the way for successful reading and writing. Animal Alphabet will help children learn the fundamentals of the alphabet through letters, pictures, sounds and actions. Each page in Animal Alphabet contains a picture and word, which represents the featured letter and sound. Also, this app will introduce the concept of print. iPhone: $1.99


The Blue Jackal in America - An Interactive Children's Book from Panchatantra Blue Jackal In America by The Blue Jackal: The Blue Jackal is at it again! This time he is headed on an unexpected trip with unexpected companions. The second book in the exciting series of interactive kid's stories takes our adventurer to America. This children's story is a both jam packed with colorful artwork that will engage young readers and great lessons involving cooperation and teamwork. iPad: $0.99 (sale price)
Katie Loves Everybody Together Katie Loves Everybody Together by PicPocket Books: Katie Loves Everybody Together! shares how one family dealt with their marital separation. Written in the voice of two-year-old Katie, this story captures the innocent reactions and pure emotions experienced by toddlers and young children during divorce. See how one family worked together to create a positive transition. "Katie Loves Everybody Together! is a great way to introduce young children to separation and divorce in a positive way." -Dr. John Gray, bestelling author iPhone: $0.99
Blackfish Children's Books - Bedtime Lite Apps Customizable Kids Free Interactive Stories HD Blackfish Children's Books by Customizabooks: Blackfish Children's Books is a children's book library and store, where you can access all of your books in one convenient location. It is the exclusive home to a growing library of free book apps and purchased book apps. It is built on arguably the most sophisticated book engine on the market. iPhone and iPad: Free
Twas The Night Before Christmas - A Blackfish Children's Bedtime Story Twas The Night Before Christmas by Customizabooks: One of the best-loved and most frequently read Christmas stories of all time, this classic has been updated and customized for the iPhone and iPad. Beautifully illustrated, engaging, and interactive, our version allows you to continue sharing this magical story through the generations. iPhone and iPad: $1.99
Ruby Lee Ruby Lee by Customizabooks: The adorable "can-do" bumble bee is back in another delightful tale that encourages readers to think not of limitations but of possibilities. Told in lilting verse, the story is a gentle introduction to the life lesson that there is always a way, as long as we believe and search for it. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $2.99
Sassy Cassie Sassy Cassie by PicPocket Books: Sassy Cassie is not just another pink, girly princess book...because this bold little girl has got some sass! Sassy Cassie is spunky and creative and nothing is going to stop her from making her mark on the world. Her surprise artistic creation at the end of the book is exasperating... but also lovable. iPhone: $1.99
Oh, the Pets You Can Get!: All About Our Animal Friends Oh, the Pets You Can Get!: All About Our Animal Friends by Oceanhouse Media: Join Sally and Dick on a tour of the faraway land of Gerpletz to learn how to feed, shelter and care for your pets! With the Cat in the Hat as your guide, you'll visit the Play with Your Pet Park, the Finer Pet Diner, and the Pets of Gerpletz TV show, learning fun facts along the way. iPhone and iPad: $3.99 (introductory price)

Creative Play

Firefighter Dress-up Firefighter Dress-up by Jumpseewow, Inc.: Dress and color Clover the bunny and her friends, so they are ready to fight fires. Snap their uniforms into place. Choose colors for their clothing, uniform, and background. Select and color a picture bubble. Take a photo of your creation to save. Designed for children ages 3 to 8. iPhone and iPad: $0.99
Beam Me There Beam Me There by Locomotive Labs: Whether you crave a trip to a tropical paradise, an iconic world heritage site, a lush forest, or even outer space, with Beam Me There you can easily create an image of yourself or a group of friends in your destination of choice and immediately share the photo. We all dream of being somewhere else now and again; Beam Me There will help you picture it! Created by the former team behind Project Injini. iPhone: Free + $0.99 In-App Purchase
Eye Paint Animals Eye Paint Animals by Curious Hat: EyePaint offers your child the opportunity to create amazing images alongside world-renowned artists, by completing their illustrations and making them their own. Tapping on any area in the drawing will reveal the live camera image. The Camera Shutter button then appears enabling users to capture their chosen pattern. The child is encouraged to explore their surroundings to find the right match for that particular area: a detail from a book page, for example, or a piece of clothing, furniture, or a leaf. The creative possibilities are endless. iPhone and iPad: Free (limited time)
Moomin Costume Party Moomin Costume Party by Spinfy: The Moomin characters are preparing for a costume party, and you can decide what they should wear. Mix and match hats, pants, shirts, skirts, shoes, and much more. iPhone and iPad: $0.99


What Doesn't Belong? Christmas - Educational Brain Teaser Game for Kids What Doesn't Belong? Christmas - Educational Brain Teaser Game for Kids by Alexandr Stacanov: Simply beautiful and fun educational brain teaser game for small and big kids. The object of "What Doesn't Belong" is to guess which of the six images does not belong & explain why it doesn't. iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases
Rudolph's Gift Rudolph's Gift by Oceanhouse Media: Play Rudolph as he leads Santa's sleigh and delivers presents to children around the world. Collect power-ups and upgrade Rudolph's abilities as you deliver as many presents as possible while dodging airborne obstacles! (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases


Memory And Alphabet HD Memory And Alphabet HD by VR Playing Games: Memory And Alphabet aims to make the process of learning how to spell words a fun experience. Through the three game modes in the app, kids learn to associate different images and sounds of 170 words and also play with alphabets to learn how to spell them. (Watch Video) iPad: $0.99


Marble Math Lite: Multiplication Marble Math Lite: Multiplication by Artgig Apps: Solve a variety of multiplication problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes. For ages 6 and up. iPad: Free
ArithHelper ArithHelper by Moca Educational Products: ArithHelper is an app designed to be Math Worksheet for the 21st Century, to be used on iPad. ArithHelper can be used by elementary school children. It is especially suited for homework assignment and review. (Watch Video) iPad: $1.99
Native Numbers Native Numbers by Native Brain, Inc.: Put your child on the fast-track to success in math. Number Sense is widely cited as the most critical math skill a child ever learns. Native Numbers is the first and only comprehensive Number Sense curriculum in the App Store. Inspired by research, designed by Harvard Education School graduate Dr. Michael W. Connell, and developed by a team of MIT engineers, Native Numbers is the first of its kind - a complete curriculum to help early learners develop Number Sense. (Watch Video) iPad: $9.99
Kids Christmas Pattern Game Kids Christmas Pattern Game by Corvid Apps: Solve sequence and pattern puzzles to help practice foundational math skills in this educational Christmas themed math game. This GAME is for kids ages 4+. There are beginner intermediate and advanced levels. iPhone and iPad: Free, Google Play: Free, Nook: Free


Interactive Minds: The Solar System Interactive Minds: The Solar System by Vosonos LLC: Interactive Minds: The Solar System is an interactive science book app featuring over 40 pages of fact and image filled content as well as numerous videos, panoramas, and simulations. Hard to visualize concepts are shown through interactive pages. For example, instead of just explaining that Jupiter has a diameter more than 10 times greater than Earth, the app allows children to visually compare the size of Earth to the size of Jupiter, not to mention all the other planets and moons. (Watch Video) iPad: $2.99
Recycle Hero - Toy for Kids Updated Recycle Hero - Toy for kids by Company: Recycle Hero is an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment in a fun way Help your kid be a Hero and save the world from being polluted, make your kid take action with this 21st Century Skills game for kids. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: Free (limited time), Google Play: Free, Amazon: $1.99

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